With Every Move He Makes Stephens Confirms the Censure and The Need to Stiffen the Penalties for the BLUE 22


With Every Move he makes Jason Stephens confirms the Censure and the need to stiffen the penalties for the BLUE 22

No Turn on Red


When we see this sign at an intersection, we know it means what it says. You wait until the light is green before proceeding. In the Ohio Statehouse 22 Republicans ignored the sign and barreled right on through the intersection. The only difference is instead of turning right on Red, they made an abrupt Left turn.

The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee are acting as the Traffic Cops – recently “writing them up” for a violation by censuring them on January 6, 2023.  Their day in court will arrive soon enough in the primary of 2024. Voters will be the judge as to whether siding with democrats is acceptable for candidates and incumbents who claim to be “good republicans”.

You see, back in the Fall of 2022, Voters delivered a super majority to the Ohio Statehouse in the midterm election.  The Republicans won a whopping 67% of the House which means that the Democrats had no chance of advancing anything on their wish list.

In fact, a number of key (and contentious) issues were on the table – 60% Constitution threshold, the Backpack Bill, Redistricting, and potentially passing Right-to-Work as so many other states have done. There was a caucus vote for speaker and to make a long story short, a young conservative Representative named Derek Merrin was elected. 

However, by January 3, 2023, something had drastically changed when 22 turncoat republicans betrayed their colleagues, their party, and Republican voters by forging an unholy alliance with the Democrats to elect a different speaker.  Yes, you read that right.

The voters of Ohio cannot let this stand! It has to be stopped or there will be no trusting that a person who runs as a Republican will not turn on Ohio and vote with democrats.