Defend Our Ohio Constitution

Defend Our Ohio Constitution

“We are calling on the pro-life community and those who believe in the most basic of parental rights across the nation to join us.” Jonathan Jakubowski & Ruth Edmonds

ISSUE 1 is fast approaching … early voting for the August election to defend Ohio’s Constitution is only weeks away. It has been said the democrats are working harder to destroy America than we are working to save it. Let’s prove them wrong! It is also regularly said that “This is the most important election of our lifetime”. Well, I have been politically active for over 13 years, and I cannot remember a more obscure yet massively important election than this August 8 Election. This is such a critical issue yet most of your friends and neighbors do not even know it’s happening.

We need an army of volunteers to alert our base to vote. See Instructions below for attending ZOOM Call training sessions and invite others to do the same. You will receive an app that makes it easy to make calls from home and a script. Other support tools & features will be made available if you want to get out and talk to neighbors and friends or distribute info/literature. Questions? email [email protected]

IT’S OKAY TO VOTE THIS WAY!  This special summertime election is a great time to consider voting early due to summer vacations and the unexpected issues that can crop up if people wait until election day to vote. Let’s bank our votes early! Now is the time to submit a vote-by-mail application: simply click on the application tab in the right margin that says VOTE follow the directions on the site.





~Barbara Holwadel
Ohio Republican Party
State Central Committeewoman #8



 Ohio Republican Party Campaign Sidekick Trainings

The Ohio Republican Party is planning to host weekly zoom trainings every Wednesday until early voting begins for the special election in August. We are asking our county parties to host phone banks, to make calls to Republicans in their respective counties encouraging them to vote YES on Issue 1.

We will be using an app called Campaign Sidekick for our voter contact efforts and would love any assistance from you and your network in going door to door or making phone calls. I would like to invite you to attend any of these training sessions if you are unfamiliar with Campaign Sidekick. It will only take 30 minutes and will give you a complete understanding on how to use the app.

Below you will find a link to several different training sessions to choose from:


Please select the date you would like to participate and you will receive an additional email from zoom once you register. I encourage you to circulate this link to any other people in your Republican network who may be interested in volunteering.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mitch Tulley
Political Director | Ohio Republican Party
[email protected]


 The Federalist – Dear Ohioans, Vote In 2023 Or Kiss Your Constitution And Parents’ Rights Goodbye

Click here to request an absentee ballot!


  • Democrats and their allies in the media are in full panic mode.
  • The majority of Ohioans understand that the Ohio Constitution is a foundational document that, far too often, has been abused by special interests to bypass our duly elected representatives and enshrine permanent sweetheart deals into our constitution.
    • Bypassing the legislative process largely eliminates important debate on the specifics of our laws. Once the language is set, ballot initiatives cannot be compromised on, amended, or debated in any more meaningful way than a simple “yes or no.”
  • The bipartisan Constitutional Modernization Committee recommended that the threshold be raised to “at least 55%.” This recommendation was made years ago.
  • All 88 counties should have a voice in determining which amendments should make it on the statewide ballot.
    • Issue 1 empowers all Ohioans to have a say in what amendments make it to the ballot.
  • Apart from the Bill of Rights, which included the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution, our nation’s founding document has only been amended 17 times.
    • By contrast, Ohio’s Constitution has been amended 172 times.
    • This is because our founders understood that there should be a high bar to amend this sacred document, and it is past time we followed suit in how we protect the Ohio Constitution.
  • If approved by voters, this does not take away citizens’ ability to propose constitutional amendments or make citizen-led changes to the Ohio Revised Code.
    • Groups and individuals are still able to get issues on the ballot that are important to them, but they would now need 60% of voters to agree.
    • This in no way changes citizens’ ability to initiate changes in the Ohio Revised Code.
    • 32 states, including many Democrat states, do not permit ANY citizen led ballot initiatives.
  • Even when Issue 1 passes, Ohio will still give more power to the People than the vast majority of other states.
  • Among Issue 1’s growing list of supporters is the Ohio Republican Party, Ohio Right to Life, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the Ohio Restaurant Association and the Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association.