Bob & Jack Talk with State Reps Bill Seitz & Ron Ferguson about the Ohio Statehouse Fiasco

On a recent episode of the Talkin’ Smack with Bob and Jack podcast, Ohio State Reps. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) and Ron Ferguson (R-Wintersville) go head-to-head on the facts and claims surrounding the election of Jason Stephens to Speaker of the Ohio House.

Seitz and Ferguson face a few of the tough questions Ohioans are asking about what’s been deemed the “Speaker Steal of ’23” orchestrated by the “Coup of 22.”

This is worth a listen if you want to learn more about what really happened at the Ohio Statehouse in January.


Click here to listen on the Ohio Press Network.


Rep. Ron Ferguson Explains the Statehouse Coup

Ohio State Representative Ron Ferguson (R-Steubenville) explains the coup by 22 and a brief update in less than 4 mins.  Click on the player below to have a listen.

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